After dealing with and killing what probably amounts to hundreds of thousands of bed bugs in the Atlanta area, we believe we know the nasty little critter pretty well. But because education is so important in stopping the phenomenal spread of bed bug infestation, we believe it is important that the public knows everything there is to know about bed bugs too. Do you think you know enough about bed bugs to keep your home free of infestations? Take this True of False Quiz to test your knowledge of bed bugs.

  1. True or false (T/F): Only people with cleanliness issues have bed bugs.
  2. T/F: There are many pesticides on the market today that kill bed bugs.
  3. T/F: Bed bugs can’t fly or jump but spread easily through contact with humans.
  4. T/F: Bed bugs lay up to 5 eggs a day.
  5. T/F: Diseases are spread through the bite of a bed bug.
  6. T/F: Bed bugs can live for months without eating.

As experts in bed bug removal in Atlanta, Himalaya Pest Control technicians are all highly knowledgeable and skilled in the habits and living conditions of bed bugs and use the only proven method of bed bug treatment. We only utilize bed bug heat treatment for the removal of bed bugs.

Now for those answers that you’ve been itching for:

  1. False. Anybody that lives with dark crevices and soft materials can experience infestation.
  2. False. All pesticides have been shown to be ineffective in the removal of bed bugs.
  3. True. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and enjoy free rides from their human hosts frequently.
  4. True. This quick reproduction is why it’s important to quickly act on any sign of infestation.
  5. False. Bed bugs are not known to spread any disease to their human hosts.
  6. True. Though you may not have used that mattress or luggage for months, it’s still a good idea for check it for bed bugs before using.