Though we specialize in the eradication and removal of bed bugs, we also strive to make sure that the rest of your home and property is as pest free as possible. At Himalaya Pest Control, our professional technicians are highly skilled in the control and extermination of bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders and other household pests. We guarantee all of our services and promise that if you’re not happy in any way, we will resolve any issues without further cost.

With summer approaching, the number and variety of household pests will be exponentially growing. Making sure to keep those populations of insects is important for the comfort level of your family, but for their overall health too. Insects such as mosquitoes carry a number of harmful, even fatal, diseases and illnesses that can be avoided with proper extermination. The structure of your home can also be affected by the infestation of certain insects and arachnids and steps should be taken to protect your property both in and outdoors. When you first notice any type of infestation, call the professionals at Himalaya Pest Control.

Because we are one of just a few extermination companies that specialize in the only proven method for the removal of bed bugs, it is imperative to call us as soon as an infestation is suspected. Quick and total eradication is needed and can only be achieved with a complete bed bug heat treatment. Thermal heat treatment is the only 100% effective procedure that kills the entire population of bed bugs.

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