Yes, the mere thought of bed bugs infesting our beds, furniture and clothing is enough to make your skin crawl; but its still better than having them actually crawl on your skin. By knowing what to look for and taking steps to actually prevent the spread of bed bugs, we can not only protect ourselves but we can play a part in slowing this countrywide epidemic levels of bed bug infestations. The first step is being able to correctly identify bed bugs and a possible infestation. If you should have any questions about whether what you see is a sign of bed bugs, call your local pest control company that specializes in bed bug removal.

First remember that you don’t actually have to see a bed bug to have an infestation. In fact, you probably won’t. Bed bugs are pretty wily and sneaky little creatures that are experts in hiding. However, should you happen upon what you fear is a bed bug, they look somewhat like an apple seed, in both size and shape. They are generally brownish red in color and have 6 legs. They also leave telltale signs of their presence.

Black residue left behind is actually fecal matter. If you’re concerned because the area you live in has had bed bug infestations, invest in light colored sheets that allow you to easily see if there is a presence of this residue. Remember, bed bugs reproduce very quickly and the longer they remain undetected, the larger the infestation.

Look for the presence of eggs. Bed bugs lay lots of eggs: 3-7 a day or almost 500 in their lifetime. Eggs are somewhat white and rice shaped.

Blood stains where you sleep are also an indication of bed bug infestation and so are, of course, bites. Bed bug bites generally are in a linear pattern, last longer than mosquito bites and are often itchier too.

If you begin to suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, call Himalaya Pest Control to correctly identify the pest. We can provide the information you need and the bed bug heat treatment to get rid of them. When it comes to removal of bed bugs, we are the top-rated local® pest control company in Clarkston. Call us at 404-947-7378.