As the infestation grows across the United States, the number of Americans that have dealt with bed bugs in their homes, or elsewhere, has continued to grow. With bed bug infestations found most everywhere humans are, including homes, hotels, hospitals, dorm rooms, doctor’s offices, day care facilities and even public transportation, its important to always be diligent about keeping these critters in check.

Unfortunately, a majority of pest control companies are not fully knowledgeable about the treatment and eradication of bed bugs and often their inability to remove bed bugs from a residence or building exacerbates the problem further. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to kill through traditional means as most chemical pesticides have no effect on bed bugs. In fact, 100 percent of entomologists asked said that no pesticide, currently available would effectively remove a bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs can lay up to 5 eggs in a day and can live almost a year without a food source. This rate of reproduction can spread any infestation quickly throughout any space whether or not humans are there to act as host. They are also excellent hitchhikers and find their ways into clothing and luggage easily with hardly any detection.

Those unfortunate enough to have had experience with infestations know the unrelenting itch of a bed bug bite which can leave lifelong scarring, and the financial hit of eradication, which can take a bite out of your budget. Most pest control companies need to repeatedly treat the same space until extermination is complete. And that is still not 100 percent guaranteed. At Himalaya Pest Control we know that bed bugs can’t survive temperatures above 122 degrees Fahrenheit and only use bed bug heat treatment to effectively get rid of bed bugs.

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