From all of the erroneous information out there regarding bed bugs and their extermination, you would think we were dealing with a mythological creature and not one that is so very, very real. All over the internet, from reputable news agency reports to the most innocuous seeming blog comment, bad bed bug information is spreading like…. well ….. bed bugs. So lets set a few things straight.

Myth #1 – If I had bed bugs, I’d know it.

Really? Bed bugs more often remain out of sight by both hiding in cracks, crevices and mattress and clothing seams and by being active primarily at night while you sleep. Often bed bug bites are not initially noticeable as human skin takes some time to develop a reaction to the bite. It could be awhile before you become aware of the issue, creating a larger infestation.

Myth #2 – If you get bed bugs you have to throw away your mattress and even bedding.

Nope. Complete and proper eradication of bed bugs leaves your soft material property in the same state it was when the infestation began. There is no reason to throw out these items. In fact, because of the likelihood of someone picking up your discarded items and taking them to other dwellings, the further spread of infestation is likely.

Myth #3 – I may have bed bugs. I’ll just buy a bug bomb.

Don’t do it. It annoys them more than anything. They’ll leave the room, move to another and spread more rapidly throughout your home. Regular pesticides have been shown as not effective in destroying bed bugs.

Myth #4 – If you have bed bugs, its a cleanliness issue.

This is simply not true. Bed bugs have infested the highest rated hotels in New York City whose cleanliness was never in question. Because bed bugs can be transferred in luggage and in the seams of clothing, infestation can occur anywhere humans reside and sleep. Hygiene has nothing to do with these pests.

Because it is an issue of public health (though bed bugs spread no disease), correct information regarding bed bugs, how they survive, what they look like and how to eradicate them should be a high priority. At Himalaya Pest Control we use thermal bed bug heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Covering every corner of the interior of your home exterminates every bed bug therein.

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