Though they neither cause nor spread disease, bed bugs are some of the most dreaded household pests. Just the mention of bed bugs causes cringes among even the most strong-stomached audiences. Maybe its the fact that they inhabit where you otherwise feel the coziest; maybe its because they suck your blood while you dream, bringing thoughts of the creepiest horror films; maybe it is just the simple fact that they can spread so easily yet can be so hard to get rid of.

Regardless of how you feel, when it comes to ridding your bed and home of the common bed bug, there has been only one technique proven to be completely effective. Thermal heat treatment kills bed bugs in each and every one of its life stages. Whether the infestation is in a commercial or residential space, Himalaya Pest Control knows how to safely administer bed bug heat treatments meant to rid you of any infestation. Chemical pesticide treatments are simply ineffective, in part, because it causes the bugs to flee from one area to another, simply spreading the infestation further. This means that additional, and multiple treatments are needed.

Research has shown that bed bugs die at temperatures higher than 122 degrees Fahrenheit. At Himalaya Pest Control, our technicians use specially designed fans which distribute the heat to all corners of your home while keeping the overall temperature to a safe level, not exceeding 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows us to rid your home, office, hotel room and other spaces of bed bugs the very first time. Himalaya Pest Control’s bed bug heat treatment is guaranteed to be 100% effective.

If you have reason to believe bed bugs have set up residence in your residence, turn to the experts. We look forward to helping you remove the pests from your life. Call to schedule a full consultation with an expert in bed bug removal: Himalaya Pest Control 404-947-7378.