It’s like a badly-written scene in a typical zombie apocalypse movie. Just when you think they’ve got them beat, they come bursting through some apparently poorly-constructed wall. Bed bugs, the zombie-equivalent of the entomology world, have returned to the United States in recent years in horrifyingly large numbers. It’s a fairly well-known fact that our country is experiencing extensive infestations of bed bugs but why and how these critters are infesting our mattresses and our nightmares again remains something of a mystery. How, after more than 40 years of relative calm, have bed bugs made their zombie-like reappearance?

On a global scale bed bugs never really went away. The increased number of world travelers is one main factor that is being considered. Bed bugs make excellent hitchhikers and travel easily. Plus, most countries have very little experience and knowledge regarding how to get rid of bed bugs. Misinformation and half-truths have helped bed bugs to spread easily, while pest control companies that use the wrong techniques and pesticides do little in the removal of bed bugs from on infested environment. Ineffective do-it-yourself bed bug treatments also added to the problem.

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