We’ve had a lot of questions lately about the seasonality of bed bugs. It seems that there is an erroneous belief out there that bed bugs are more active during the hotter months of the summer than during the winter. Unlike a host of other pests, bed bugs don’t die off or hibernate during the winter so they’re really not any more active at one time of year over another. These questions did get us wondering however. We started to wonder what else did our friends, neighbors and potential clients not know about bed bugs. Though you don’t need to know everything there is to know about bed bugs and how to get rid of them, there are just a few things that we wanted to make doubly-sure that you understood.

  1. The presence of bed bugs has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the environment that they are found in. Bed bugs can be found anywhere humans are and because the infestation of bed bugs across the United States is at such a high level, anyone can spread them quickly as they are quite adept at using us and our belongings as transportation. Cleanliness of the individual makes little difference to a bed bug.
  2. You cannot get a disease or illness from bed bugs. Though a number of pathogens have been shown to be carried by bed bugs, so far no research has shown that bed bugs can transfer disease to human hosts.
  3. Cleaning does little to get rid of bed bugs. If you find an infestation the best initial step is to call a pest control company. As a top-rated local® exterminator in Clarkston specializing in bed bug heat treatments, we are one of the few pest control companies that use the only proven 100% effective treatment for the removal of bed bugs.