1. Bed Bugs: Removing The Unwelcome Houseguest

    Red coats, chinches, mahogany flats. Call them what you will, bed bugs are simply a pest that nobody wants to deal with. Feeding solely off the blood of warm-blooded animals, this household nuisance can generally be found in the sleeping quarters of the household. Generally, infestation starts in th…Read More

  2. Bringing The Heat To Remove Bed Bugs From Your Home

    Though they neither cause nor spread disease, bed bugs are some of the most dreaded household pests. Just the mention of bed bugs causes cringes among even the most strong-stomached audiences. Maybe its the fact that they inhabit where you otherwise feel the coziest; maybe its because they suck your…Read More

  3. The Horror Story Happening Under Your Mattress

    The Horror Story Happening Under Your Mattress They are built for hiding in cracks and crevices with their slim, flat bodies. They stowaway in luggage and furniture of unsuspecting travelers and migrants. They can produce 3 to 4 generations within a single year, laying 3 -7 eggs per day. They come o…Read More

  4. Dispelling Myths Regarding Bed Bugs

    From all of the erroneous information out there regarding bed bugs and their extermination, you would think we were dealing with a mythological creature and not one that is so very, very real. All over the internet, from reputable news agency reports to the most innocuous seeming blog comment, bad b…Read More

  5. Preventing Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home

    Ridding your house of bed bugs is like ridding a city of zombies. Once they’re there it’s going to take some pretty drastic measures to get rid of them. It generally requires bed bug heat treatments that kill off an infestation but this bed bug treatment heats your home in excess of 120 degrees.…Read More

  6. Identifying Bed Bugs

    Yes, the mere thought of bed bugs infesting our beds, furniture and clothing is enough to make your skin crawl; but its still better than having them actually crawl on your skin. By knowing what to look for and taking steps to actually prevent the spread of bed bugs, we can not only protect ourselve…Read More

  7. How to Hire A Bed Bug Exterminator

    It seems that we may have an infestation problem in this country. No, not bed bugs, but bed bug exterminators. Suddenly they’re everywhere; seemingly popping up almost in the same numbers as the bed bugs themselves. This infestation has a detrimental effect on your wallet however instead of your h…Read More

  8. How Bed Bugs Can Change Your Life

    As the infestation grows across the United States, the number of Americans that have dealt with bed bugs in their homes, or elsewhere, has continued to grow. With bed bug infestations found most everywhere humans are, including homes, hotels, hospitals, dorm rooms, doctor’s offices, day care facil…Read More

  9. 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Bed Bugs

    At Himalaya Pest Control we specialize in the identification and removal of bed bugs and as such we often come across large infestations that could have been much less of a problem if the homeowner had not made a number of mistakes in trying to deal with them. Though plenty of information exists abo…Read More

  10. Pest Control You Can Count On

    Though we specialize in the eradication and removal of bed bugs, we also strive to make sure that the rest of your home and property is as pest free as possible. At Himalaya Pest Control, our professional technicians are highly skilled in the control and extermination of bed bugs, mosquitoes, spider…Read More